Political Economy Breakfast

Fall 2014 Schedule

September 9
Ernesto Reuben
(Columbia Business School)
Fairness and Coordination: The Role of Fairness Principles in Coordination Failure and Success
September 16
Linuz Aggeborn
(Uppsala Universitet)
Voter turnout and the size of government
September 23
Brett Meyer
(Political Science, Columbia University)
Labor Market Polarization and Union Decline: Evidence from OECD Countries and Linked Employer-Employee Data from Germany
September 30
Nathaniel Lehigh
(Economics, Columbia University)
Obsolescence and Error as Motivations for Preferential Attachment: an Experiment on Network Growth
October 7
Miranda Yaver
(Political Science, Columbia University)
Evaluating the Consequences of Statutory Design
October 14
Scott Barrett
(Columbia University)
The Prisoners' Dilemma Trap
October 21
Jamal Ibrahim Haidar
(Paris School of Economics)
Internalizing Externalities: Why do (Some) Exporters Grow?
October 28
Steffen Merte
(Sustainable Development, Columbia University)
Survival Bias in Infinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Games: Some Experimental Evidence
November 4
Daniel Rappoport
(Economics, Columbia University)
Raising your hand: who will speak first in debate?
November 11
Robert Barron
(Economics, Columbia University)
The Boy Who Cried Wolf: A Linking Mechanism
November 18
Belinda Archibong
(Sustainable Development, Columbia University)
Where Local Kings Rule: Long-Term Impacts of Precolonial Institutions and Geography on Access to Public Infrastructure Services in Nigeria
November 25
Andrew Kosenko
(Economics, Columbia University)
Bargaining in networks: a pilot experiment.
December 2
Tinghua Yu
(Political Science, Columbia University)
Personnel and Policy Innovations in Decentralized Organizations.

Spring 2014 Schedule

February 3
Elliott Ash
(Columbia Economics)
Partisan Balance and Legislative Output: Evidence from State Legislatures
February 10
Anselm Rink
(Columbia Political Science)
Evangelical Missions and Democratization: Evidence from Peru.
February 17
Robert Barron (Columbia Economics)
Manuel Puente (Columbia Economics)
Ben and Gerry: The interaction between campaign finance and redistricting
Febryar 24
Sung Eun Kim (Columbia Political Science)
Media Bias against Foreign Firms as an Invisible Trade Barrier: Evidence from Chinese Newspapers.
March 3
Patricia Kirkland (Columbia Political Science)
Mayors with Money
March 10
Enrico Zanardo (Columbia Economics)
Does Information Reduce Disagreement? (w/ Navin Kartik)
March 24
Jeremy Ward (Columbia Economics)
Dae Hwan Hong (Columbia Economics)
March 31
Jasper Cooper (Columbia Political Science)

April 7
Daniel Rappoport (Columbia Economics)
Humility in Experts: The Disclosure of Uncertainty Under Career Concerns
April 14
Tinghua Yu (Columbia Political Science)
Incentives and Policy Experimentation with Motivated Agents
April 21
Golvine de Rochambeau
April 28
Lauren Young
Preying on the Poor: How citizens make decisions under the threat of state repression

Fall 2012 Schedule

September 18
Xiaojia Bao
(Sustainable Development, CU)
Dams and Intergovernmental Transfers: Are Large-scale Dams Pareto Efficient in China?
Octorber 2
Petra Persson
(Economics, CU)
Marriage as Insurance Take-up: Social Security Design and Couples' Long-term Financial Planning
October 16
Victoria Shineman
(Politics, NYU)
The Effects of Costly and Incentivized Participation on Information Acquisition and Informed Voting
November 13
Audinga Baltrunaite
(Stockholm University)
Gender Quotas and Quality of Politicians
November 20
Elliott Ash
(Economics, CU)
Judicial Employment Contracts and Judge Performance: Evidence from State Supreme Courts
November 27
Thomas Groll
Dynamic Commercial Lobbying
December 11
Peter Van der Windt
Neelanjan Sircar
(Political Science, CU)
Characterizing Migrant Integration: An Analysis of Pro-Social Behavior in the Congo

Spring 2012 Schedule

February 21st
Pierce O'Reilly
(Political Science, CU)
Demographic Preferences over Social Insurance Financing
March 6th
Sebastien Turban (Economics, CU)
Vote Trading With and Without Party Leaders
March 20th
Kyle Meng (Sustainable Development, CU)
Political Access and Innovation: Evidence from Revolving Door Lobbyists and Congressional Exits
April 3rd

April 17th
Ferran Elias (Economics, CU)
Political Benefits of Housing Bubbles
May 1st
Ali Cirone (Political Science, CU)
Incentives for Party Institutionalization

Fall 2011 Schedule

Sept 20
Neelanjan Sircar (Political Science, CU)
Electoral context and pork barrel in Tamil Nadu.
Oct 4
Marcos Nakaguma (Economics, CU)
Choosing the form of government. Parliamentary versus presidential system in Brazil.
Oct 18
Anja Prummer (EUI)
Political networks, ideology and lobbying.

Nov 1
Martin Ardanaz (Political Science, CU)
Politics of booms and busts
Nov 15
Ferran Elias (Economics, CU)
Minorities, Electoral Rules and Government: Evidence from US municipalities
Nov 29
Sebastien Turban (Economics, CU)
Bond Markets Response to Political Shocks: The Case of Term Limits Changes
Dec 13
Nial Hughes (EUI)
Strategic Voting in Legislative Elections

Spring 2010 Schedule

January 26
Thomas Jensen
Elections, Information, and State-Dependent Candidate Quality
February 9
Carl Henrik Knutsen
Africa’s Growth Tragedy Revisited: Weak States, Strong Rulers
February 23
Petra Persson
Competition for Communication
March 9
Solomon Hsiang
Leadership Quality and Selection for Collective Action in Networks
March 23
Maksim Pinkovskiy

April 6
Ram Fishman
Collective Inter-temporal Choices Negotiated by Agents with Heterogenous Discount Rates
April 20
Marcos Yamada Nakaguma
Endogenous Institutions and Constitutional Design

Fall 2009 Schedule

September 15
Ethan Kaplan
The Persistence of Politics: Evidence from 9/11
October 13
Johannes Urpelainen
Enforcing Environmental Cooperation: Technological Standards Can Help
October 27
Jon Eguia
Foundations of Spatial Preferences
November 10
Ryan Booth
Population Changes and the Political Economy of Local Public Finance
November 24
Marina Agranov
Flip-flopping: Contrasting Effects of Intense Primaries and General Elections on Selection of Candidates
December 8
Boliang Zhu
Economic Integration and Corruption: The Case of China